Bo Merei

Psych. Counselor and Coach (ICF-PCC),
Coaching, Leadership
Motivation, Motivation
Bo Merei


Bo, an advocate of Authentic Leadership and Entrepreneurship, embodies Compassionate Confidence and Resource-Based Motivation. With a background in Psychological Counseling and an ICF-Credentialed Coach (PCC), they fuse over a decade of global business leadership into their coaching practice.

Their ethos revolves around championing authenticity, confidence, diversity, and inclusion in leadership and entrepreneurship. Bo believes in anchoring leadership in individual identities, strengths, values, and experiences for sustained authenticity.

In their coaching sessions and workshops, they address common challenges: overcoming self-doubt, silencing the inner critic, embracing authentic leadership, leveraging resources confidently for personal and collective growth, setting compassionate boundaries, and nurturing the best in others. Connect with Bo for guidance in navigating these transformative themes.