Alina Ioana Pop

Solution Focused Coach, Spring Your Life SRL
Coaching, Emotional Intelligence
Mental Health, Mental Health
Alina Ioana Pop


Alina Ioana Pop is a Solution Focused and Mental Health Coach. She has over 18 years working with people - recruiting, interviews, 1:1, building teams, training, HR. Alina helps her clients find the right resources and solutions within themselves to overcome an obstacle, to change their perspective upon a certain dilemma, or to develop a fruitful mindset. And sometimes she just listens, holding space for her client. She enjoys working with people who are willing to take ownership of their life and be the real architects of it. Miscellaneous: mother, wife, hippie at heart, going minimalist, wondering at life, some tattoos, sociology licentiate, certified trainer, PCC - ICF certified coach.