Mahasti Mohammadi

Life & Executive Coach, MM Consulting
Coaching, Work-life Balance
Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence
Mahasti Mohammadi


Mahasti, boasting over 7000 hours of coaching expertise, holds a profound mission to empower individuals, aiding them in surmounting obstacles, gaining clarity, and achieving their aspirations. Her forte lies in nurturing awareness and delivering fresh perspectives, catalyzing subtle inner transformations.

In her capacity as a Life & Executive coach, retreat leader, and speaker, Mahasti collaborates with high-performing, dedicated clients eager to elevate their personal and professional lives. Her journey from the Luxury Industry's corporate world to her current role as a Life & Executive Coach has spanned continents, from Asia and the US to Europe, making the world her home.

Mahasti's coaching passion stems from the belief in every individual's innate capacity for life-altering change. She perceives coaching as a shared odyssey, guiding individuals through the labyrinth of disturbance, entrenched behavior patterns, and latent inner strength toward expansive growth and broader perspectives.