Roxana Borcsa

Mental health certified coach, Intuitycoach SRL
Coaching, Business
Emotional Wellbeing, Activity (Mental)
Roxana Borcsa


Roxana, a Certified Coach, specializes in enhancing individual confidence, both in the professional and personal realms, through the identification of potential obstacles, fostering clarity, and aligning goals with values. Her coaching approach seamlessly blends intuition and psychology, characterized by an open and adaptable style. Roxana's primary objective is to empower her clients to cultivate more enriching lives, pursue their passions, and summon the courage to do so.

Her key strengths, vital for success in her role, encompass an unwavering commitment to excellence, adept communication skills, and an insatiable appetite for learning. Roxana is known for her articulate, vibrant, self-assured, and amiable demeanor, making her a dependable and trustworthy resource for those seeking support and guidance.