Dorin Lupu

Certified Professional Coach - Leadership Coaching, Dorin Lupu
Information and Communication Technology, Leadership
Team Building, Team Building
Dorin Lupu


Dorin specializes in unlocking the potential of leaders and teams, providing invaluable support as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of their environments. His mission is to empower them to become more intentional and impactful in both their professional endeavors and personal lives. With a career spanning over 25 years, he has held various key roles in the industry, including engineering, team leadership, training, coaching, and servant leadership in the demanding fields of telecommunications and the automotive industry, where he has contributed his expertise to renowned multinational corporations such as Telefónica and BMW.

Dorin has dedicated more than 14 years to the development of high-performing teams within the context of large-scale agile transformation initiatives. He is a sought-after speaker, frequently sharing his insights and knowledge at various events and conferences, including but not limited to Agile Tuesday, OOP, Management 3.0 Stammtisch, Kitchen2Soul, and Large Scale Scrum Berlin.