Orianne Aymard

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Orianne Aymard


Dr. Orianne Aymard, a distinguished Professional Keynote Speaker specializing in Leadership, Resilience, Motivation, and Crisis Management. At 25, she faced a life-altering brain hemorrhage, defying medical advice to later conquer Everest, Lhotse, and Aconcagua. Dr. Aymard seamlessly intertwines her roles as a seasoned diplomat, humanitarian delegate, accomplished researcher, and university teacher to deliver captivating talks at corporate events and management schools. Her presentations go beyond the extraordinary mountaineering feats, offering genuine and practical lessons in crisis management, resilience, and leadership. Dr. Aymard's unique ability to draw parallels between the worlds of high-altitude mountaineering and complex business environments sets her talks apart. With worldwide speaking engagements in English, French, and Spanish, she has proudly served clients like GE Healthcare, NTT Data, KPMG, and more.