Chunfeng Dong

Executive and Enterprise Coach, Springbreeze Ventures
Business, Emotional Wellbeing
Women Business Leaders, Women Business Leaders
Chunfeng Dong


Executive coach with engineering, agility and organizational development roots for over a decade and 1500+ coaching hours. Chunfeng is a deep believer that we are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. This belief has guided her throughout her professional life as a people leader in business operations and strategy in Fortune 50 companies. Along her role as a people leader, she dedicates time to support her coachees in various aspects, e.g. becoming a more inspirational leader, being more focused and effective in creating impact, leading high performing teams,  managing career transitions, navigating as first time managers as well as initiating and driving  organizational transformations etc. Along the journey, her coachees often experience increased effectiveness and business impact, greater self-awareness, clarity in values and purpose, heightened mindfulness, and holistic well-being. Their coaching journey aims to unleash your inner wisdom. Chunfeng is eager to start this transformative journey with you!